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Puzzle Rhythm 


Guide an ant in its journey and help destroying blocks, activating platforms and avoiding hazards. Enjoy a musical experience through different levels and environments. 3 different environments, 16 levels to play, cartoon graphic design, a musical experience and tons of fun!! How to play: GoalThe goal of each level is to help the ant to reach the exit within the time limit. If the timer runs out you will lose a life.To guide the ant in its journey you have to destroy blocks, activate platforms and avoid hazards.BlocksThere are 4 different kinds of block, one of them unbreakable. To break the others, click on them - a sequence of 5 circles will appear. If you click on all the circles in order the block will disappear, letting the ant reach new places and increasing the time limit.PlatformsYou may find these platforms in some levels. If you complete the sequence for one of these (in the same way as a block sequence) a gas/water/ice jet will be activated and the ant will jump whenever it walks over the platform.SequencesEach circle of a sequence has two states - a normal one (yellow) and a special one (orange). The more special state circles you click on, the more seconds are added to the time limit.HazardsIf you encounter a hazard you have to guide the ant to avoid it. If the ant touches any hazards you lose a life and restart the level.

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